Tips For Stump Grinding Safely

If you will be using a stump grinding machine for the first time this weekend, then you need to know how to safely operate it. Safe operation is essential to protect your family and your home from the danger that exists using this large piece of machinery.

Follow these tips to safely grind down the tree stumps in your yard:

Remove All Rocks and Debris from the Base of the Tree Stump

Since stump grinders operate with a fast rotation, anything that comes into contact with their blades can be flung around your yard. Stray rocks can hit windows and people if you are not very careful when operating the machine. To prevent flying projectiles during grinding, make sure that you remove all rocks and debris from the base of the tree stump. To be extra safe, you should remove anything other than soil that is within a couple feet of the tree stump's base.

Know How to Operate the Model of Stump Grinder You Are Using

When you rent the stump grinder, take the time to become educated on the model of the grinding machine that you are using. Even if you have ground down stumps in the past, speaking with the folks at your local equipment rental store about the specific machine that you are renting will help you to operate it safely and correctly. Also, you should read the operating manual and ensure that you are comfortable with how the machine operates and that you know what to do if there is a problem. Even if you have operated stump grinders in the past, you should not skip this step because each machine handles differently than those made by other manufacturers.

Dress Appropriately for the Job

Finally, when you are operating a stump grinding machine, you should always wear long pants and steel-toe boots to protect your legs and feet from the dirt and wood chips that may fly at you. You should also remove any jewelry that you may have on and tie back your hair if it is long. You do not want to bend over and have your necklace or hair become entangled in the blades of the stump grinder.

Where to Seek Additional Help

If you do not feel like you can safely operate a stump grinder yourself, then you should hire a professionals, such as Tree Landers, to come and grind down the stump for you.