Three Safety Rules To Follow When Using A Stump Grinder

Cutting down one or more trees in your yard can feel satisfying, but you can complete the job in the right way by renting a stump grinder. This machine helps you remove the unsightly stump from your lawn, allowing you to mow over the area in the future. Make no mistake -- working with a stump grinder offers a challenging job for which you must focus on safety. You can drastically increase your likelihood of getting the job done without incident by carefully following these three safety rules.

Always Wear The Right Protective Attire

Before you begin to use the stump grinder, it's important to make sure you're dressed for the job. The quick-spinning grinder bit and errant pieces of wood and even rocks can make this job dangerous, but the right gear will protect you. You should always wear steel-toed boots; boots are better than steel-toed shoes because of the ankle protection they provide. Additionally, wear thick, long pants, heavy gloves, a long shirt, eye protection and hearing protection. Even as you focus on your own safety, remember that you're responsible for the safety of others around you. Keep other people, especially children, as well as family pets, out of the area in which you're grinding.

Clear The Area Around The Stump

Taking a few minutes to properly prepare the stump before you start the grinding process is an important safety step. If there's a lot of wood debris around the stump, as well as dirt and rocks, these loose items will become airborne when they come into contact with the grinder's spinning bit. Use a shovel and a heavy rake to remove loose debris, paying special attention to remove the packed-up dirt around the stump as it may contain rocks. When you have the debris safely out of the way, you're ready to start the grinding process.

Work Methodically

One of the keys to getting positive results from the stump grinder is to work in a slow, methodical manner. You won't find success in quickly slamming the grinding bit into the stump and pushing hard; rather, it's necessary to touch the bit to the stump's edge and apply a light degree of pressure. This approach isn't just results-oriented; it's also crucial for safety. If you're too aggressive with the grinder, you're at risk of breaking the bit, which will result in it flying off and possibly hitting and hurting you. Sticking to the slow-and-steady strategy will minimize your risk of injury.  

For further assistance, contact a local tree stump removal company.