How To Properly Care For Apple Trees In Your Community Garden

Apple trees can bring beauty to your community garden while providing a source of fresh, delicious fruit. Like many types of fruit trees, apple trees need special care. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you nurture your community garden's apple trees.


While trees that don't bear fruit can be pruned to keep them looking great and to keep them healthy, pruning serves an additional purpose for apple trees. Proper pruning can help to increase the size and amount of the apples the tree bears, and it can aid in helping newly planted trees grow strong. You can hire a commercial tree service to handle regular pruning for your apple tree to keep it healthy and producing fruit. You'll want to make sure you schedule this service at the end of winter or beginning of spring but before the tree begins to bear fruit.

Pest Prevention

Your apple trees can attract insects and other pests, some of which can damage the tree. Keep all twigs, leaves and fruit away from the tree to prevent small animals and insects from being able to nest at the base of the tree, and take care to harvest your apples before they fall. You can also apply chemical treatments to the tree to prevent insects from invading the tree itself. Your commercial tree service can handle this for you, and it can also apply fungicides that can prevent the tree from succumbing to disease.

Feeding The Trees

As odd as it may sound, you can actually feed your apple trees. They can benefit from fertilizer to give them access to rich nutrients, including potassium, which can aid in fruit production, and calcium, which can help to preserve your apples and prevent them from spoiling early. Your commercial tree service can help you to determine which fertilizers you need to use and when to apply them to your trees.

Schedule Service

If you have never had your trees inspected by a tree service, you may want to do so. The tree experts can look at your apple trees as well as any other fruit-bearing trees or bushes in your community garden. They can recommend products and services to help your trees flourish, and they can even make recommendations about where and when to plant any new trees in your garden.

Your community garden is a place where people in the neighborhood work together to raise and harvest fresh fruits and vegetables. Let a commercial tree service, such as Phoenix Tree Service, help you make the most of your gardening space.