Key Reasons To Trim Tree Branches

When the average homeowner thinks about trimming, they are probably thinking about keeping the shrubs and bushes on their property looking neat and attractive. Although trimming these plants on a regular basis is important, you do not want to overlook trimming the branches of any trees in your yard as necessary. This article offers a number of good reasons for trimming your trees from time.


One of the most important reasons for trimming tree branches is to promote the health of a tree. When dead or diseased branches remain on a tree, they use resources that could be better used for other things. For instance, if a diseased branch is getting nutrients from the tree, it's taking away a resource that could be used more effectively by healthier parts of the tree, such as new buds and leaves. Trimming dead, diseased, or broken branches will help ensure that the tree uses its resources in the most efficient way.

Also, a disease can easily spread from one area of the tree to another if the affected branches are not removed. Trimming these branches will reduce the chances that any disease will infect the rest of the tree and avoids the possibility of the tree being irreparably damaged.


Some trees need to have their branches trimmed for safety reasons. This often applies to large, older trees whose branches are likely to fall off. You certainly do not want any family member or visitor to be harmed or seriously injured when a heavy branch happens to fall and strike them as they are passing by. Also, falling branches can strike utility wires, which creates a safety hazard, so trim any branches that are looming over your utility lines.

Fruit Tree

If you are fortunate enough to have a fruit tree in your yard, you will want to prune it to remove dead or diseased limbs as you would with any tree. Pruning fruit trees will not only keep them healthy but will also spur growth and encourage fruit production.


A final important reason to trim your trees is for appearance. A tree that has been trimmed properly is almost always more attractive than a tree with branches that are decaying or broken.

Keeping your trees trimmed is an essential task for homeowners, but many people will not want or even be able to do the job themselves. Trimming tree branches and limbs is difficult and potentially risky. The best course of action for the typical homeowner is to contact a tree trimming service and have them handle the job.