Hire A Tree Service Company To Help You Create Backyard Privacy

If you look at your backyard and find that there is not much privacy, you may know that it is something that holds your family back from going outside on a consistent basis. In this situation, being a homeowner is great because it gives you the opportunity to make changes to the backyard to add privacy. While installing a fence is something that many homeowners will do, you may want to prefer to get privacy along with greenery by growing trees in the backyard.

Privacy Hedges

The easiest way to get privacy in your backyard is to plant a collection of privacy hedges. You can treat these hedges like a fence by putting them along the property lines. Then, after a couple of years pass by, you will have tall and thick hedges that provide you with a lot of privacy. If you want to enjoy minimal upkeep for the hedges, you will want to work with local tree service professionals who know exactly which species are best for accomplishing this goal. Then, you will not have to worry about being perfect with tree care to get healthy and effective privacy hedges.


While they may not be as effective as privacy hedges, you can plant bushes to gain a decent amount of privacy. For instance, you can put bushes in front of windows and rely on them covering the bottom portion or even higher if you let them grow tall enough. Bushes are great for when you do not need full privacy but would be happy with partial privacy outside.


Another effective way to create privacy in your backyard is by growing trees. If you have neighboring multistory homes, you should not hesitate to use tree canopies as your method of maximizing privacy throughout the backyard. A backyard fence will not be tall enough to block vision from windows on the second story, but you can rely on trees to accomplish this goal. Depending on the climate you live in, you may want to grow evergreen trees that will give you privacy all year long as opposed to picking trees that lose their leaves in fall and winter. While a tree's branches and leaves are what will give you most of the privacy, you will also want to consider the tree's trunk. A thick enough trunk can provide reliable privacy all the time.

Getting help from a tree service company will help you get privacy for your backyard. Reach out to a company like Complete Tree Care to get started.