How Storms Can Damage Your Tree And The Care Your Tree May Need

Trees can often withstand decades of strong winds and heavy rains, but you never know when a storm can cause serious damage to one of your trees. Storm damage can affect the health and beauty of a tree and even put your property in danger if the tree becomes unstable. If you suspect your tree has damage from a storm, consider having a tree service examine the tree to see if it can be saved. Early treatment might save you from the expense of tree removal later. Here are some types of damage a storm might do and the care your tree might need.

Broken Limbs or Branches

Limbs or branches that are broken off can endanger the health of a tree. When bark is shredded or when a break occurs, pests can invade the tree and cause diseases and destruction. Some breaks may heal on their own, but others need the care of a professional to protect the health of your tree. Another reason to have broken limbs and branches trimmed away is so they don't fall on your house, car, or someone walking on your property. The next storm that comes along could finish knocking the limb down and cause harm. When you notice branches or even big limbs dangling, broken, or missing from your tree, call a tree service to remove the damaged parts of the tree and offer advice on whether the tree can be saved or if it should be removed.

Leaning or Roots Heaving

Another threat during a storm with heavy rain is that the ground becomes saturated with water and becomes so soft that a tree's roots can start lifting out of the ground. This can be a serious danger when it happens to a huge, mature tree. You may notice your tree leans after a storm or that roots are heaving through the soil. A tree service can determine if the tree is no longer safe to have in your yard. If there's a risk of the tree toppling over, you may need to have it cut down and removed for safety reasons.

Delayed Infections and Infestations

You'll often notice storm damage right away, so it's good to take quick action when you want to save a tree that has serious damage. If the storm damage doesn't look too bad, you might be tempted to just trim the small branches you can reach and let the rest go. If so, keep an eye on your tree for signs of disease or insect infestations that might follow so you can get quick help from a tree professional if your tree develops delayed problems due to storm damage.