Why Tree Trimming Is Not Solely About The Aesthetics Of The Tree

Trees remain a much sought-after plant for many homeowners. And this is not surprising when you take into account the multiple benefits that they offer. In addition to enhancing the visual interest of your yard, the right trees can provide a cooling effect on your property by adding shade while also attracting local birds. But as with all other plants, trees need care and maintenance if they are to thrive. For some homeowners, this means hiring tree trimming services once the crowns form dense canopies that obstruct sunlight onto their properties. Certainly, tree trimming for reshaping proposes is not new. Nonetheless, this is not the only reason to enlist this service. This piece highlights a couple of additional reasons why tree pruning is not solely for the aesthetics of the tree.

Tree trimming eliminates threats

While you could be focussing on the bark of your trees when inspecting for potential threats such as disease, the reality is that some symptoms of infestation will manifest on the branches before they make their way to the bark. For example, when a few branches are infested by a fungus, the fungal infection will first eat through these limbs before they make their way to the bark. On the other hand, you may notice bees and other pests flocking onto the branches, and you assume that these limbs are healthy. When, in reality, the branches are decayed, and these insects are feeding off the deadwood. Hiring tree trimming services ensures that any compromised limbs are eliminated before diseases or rot spread to the rest of the tree.

Tree trimming bolsters nutrient uptake

A common presumption that some homeowners have is that as long as their trees have a healthy root system, their plants should be healthy, but this is not usually the case. In some scenarios, overgrown trees will start to show signs of dying because the nutrients they are absorbing are not sufficient for all the limbs that they have. This situation worsens when some branches are simply taking up nutrients yet, because they are compromised due to breakage or other forms of damage, cannot make use of them. One way to determine if you are dealing with this problem is when your fruit trees suddenly start to produce smaller-sized fruits, yet the soil is still nutritious. In this case, it is advisable to seek a tree trimming service such as Mow Better Tree Service, LLC to eliminate surplus limbs, as this will bolster nutrient uptake.