Why You Might Need To Remove A Healthy Tree From Your Property

Trees often have to be removed if they start to suffer from disease or infestation, but even healthy trees may need to be removed under certain circumstances. When trees are too close to your home, start disrupting pavement and plumbing, and block other plant life from growing, it may be time to get rid of them.

It's Growing Too Close

There are many different factors that play into how far a tree should be from your house. These include the average height of the type of tree you're planting, what kind of foundation your house is on, how shallow the tree's roots grow, and whether the soil it's planted in is prone to erosion. When trees are too close to your house and keep growing larger, they have the potential to start causing serious damage to your foundation, your house's siding, and your roof.

When in doubt, it's a good idea to call a tree care professional to take a look. They'll be informed about the species of tree you have and how large it typically gets and be able to make a determination for you. Because the trunk and roots' proximity to your house is one of the most important factors, it's unlikely that simply getting the tree trimmed will take care of the problem.

Its Roots Disrupt Infrastructure

Tree roots grow shallow enough that they can start to interfere with important parts of your property, from pavement to plumbing. For example, roots that grow shallow enough can start to push up and break concrete, and roots can break and clog pipes, which can cause serious backups that can get expensive to repair.

For this reason, it's a good idea to consider where your tree is in relation to everything else on your property, and not just your house. Here, it helps to know roughly where all your important plumbing is; this can help you ascertain how likely it is that any pipes will be damaged if you choose not to remove your tree.

It's Blocking Other Plant Growth

Trees can also start to get disruptive when they prevent other plants from growing. They can do this by growing so large that they prevent other plants from getting sunlight, but they can also do this by taking nutrients in the soil away from other plants. Some plants don't grow well when their roots share the same soil, and many plants can't compete with root systems that are much larger. If you've been having trouble growing plants in the soil near your trees, contact a residential tree removal service to see if this could be your problem.