4 Dangers Of Improper Tree Trimming

If you have trees in your yard, you'll need to schedule tree trimming services once in a while to maintain their health and structure. Trimming could also prevent diseased trees from dying. Many homeowners attempt tree trimming since it often seems simple. Unfortunately, they end up damaging the tree rather than improving them. You'll need to hire professional tree care services to help trim the trees appropriately.

The following are some consequences of improper trimming.

1. Tree Decay and Death 

Common mistakes like using blunt and unclean tools to trim trees can leave bad wounds on the stems and trunks. The kind of cuts created also influence how the tree will heal. Improper trimming may remove the protective cover or create large cuts that take a long time to heal.

The tree could start decaying and dying instead of healing. Therefore, it is important to call specialists with sufficient knowledge and skills to create proper cuts that won't harm the tree.

2. Poor Health and Fruit Production

One of the benefits of scheduling tree trimming is improving fruit production and maintaining a tree's health. If the canopy is too dense, the younger sprouts underneath will not receive enough sunlight to grow and synthesize food. This can weaken the tree and reduce fruit production.

You'll need an arborist to determine what leaves to nip and what to nurture. If you trim the wrong branches and leaves, the tree could suffer and fruit production would go down. Poor growth and development of the tree eventually end in its death. Consider consulting with a reliable tree specialist to help boost the tree's health.

3. Appearance and Structural Issues

Proper tree trimming is highly influenced by timing. If your goal is to improve interior sprouting and strengthen the tree's structure, you might want to wait until late winter or early spring. Choosing the wrong time can have severe consequences. Structural tree trimming during a season like a fall can make the tree vulnerable to diseases. It may also take longer to heal but this certainly depends on the tree species. Talk to a tree specialist to help you determine the right time to conduct structural trimming.

4. Property Damage

Careless tree trimming can result in property damage. Professionals plan adequately for the project to minimize the risks of accidents. If you cut a huge branch without preparing its fall zone, it can easily damage anything in its way, including hurting a person or animal. Consider leaving the exercise to professionals who understand proper planning and trimming procedures to avoid accidents.

Although tree trimming is supposed to improve your property's curb appeal, prevent safety hazards, and encourage healthy tree growth, improper trimming can have severe repercussions. Consider working with professionals to ensure positive results.

Learn more by contacting a local tree trimming service.