How Is The Cost To Remove A Tree Calculated?

How Is The Cost To Remove A Tree Calculated?

When you need a tree removed from your yard, figuring out how much it will cost to cut it down and cart it away can be confusing as there are so many different factors that go into the tree service's fee. When you get an estimate, you may wonder how the company arrived at the figure. Taking a look at what cutting down that particular tree involved can give you an idea of why it cost what it did.

The Size of the Tree

Bigger trees will usually cost more to cut down than smaller trees. There's less effort needed, less waste generated, less time spent, and so on when you have to remove a smaller tree.

Its Location

Tree services will obviously only cut down those trees they can access. So you may not find that trees that are easier to access are cheaper to cut down, just based on how little the tree service has to do to reach them. However, the easier the tree is to access and cart away, the less time will be spent on cutting down the tree, and that could affect the final cost.

Is the Stump Coming out, Too?

If you want the tree service to remove just the main trunk of a tree, leaving a stump, you'll likely pay less than if you have the trunk and stump removed. In some cases, the stump has to come out, such as when the stump is diseased or is growing up against a house foundation.

Disease and Pest Status

If the tree is diseased or infested, it may require special handling so that the pests and pathogens don't contaminate the equipment or any vehicles used to carry the tree away. You may be charged for the time needed to disinfect the equipment, for example, as that's time the tree company can't use the equipment on other trees. The charge might not be broken out on the invoice, however.

After-Hours Emergencies

Having to have the tree cut down after hours due to a storm that's left the tree broken will increase the cost. The final cost is up to the particular tree company, but it can be a certain percentage over the normal fee. You'll have to ask when you call. Keep in mind that if the tree poses a huge threat to your home or another structure, it's better to pay the extra fees and have the tree taken care of as soon as possible, rather than waiting for business hours to begin.

Tree removal costs can vary widely, so it's best to shop around. You'll want a certified arborist and a tree company that has experience cutting down the same types of trees in similar circumstances. Once the tree is gone, you can commence planning the next step in your re-landscaping plans.

For more information about tree removal, contact a local company.