Why You Should Add Rubber Mulch To Your Playground

Do you manage a daycare or some other type of business that sees a lot of kids coming through? If you have an outdoor play area or playground, you've no doubt already invested in swing sets or see-saws. But don't forget to add the final touch with a bit of additional landscaping. Here's why you might want to add a bit of rubber mulch to your outdoor playground.

Mulch Can Be Playful and Colorful Too

When you think about mulch, you might think first about the type that you use outside in your garden or front yard. But you don't have to be growing bushes or a flower bed to make use of mulch. In fact, you don't have to use natural mulch at all.

It's possible to get rubber mulch in a wide variety of colors that match the colors on the playground. You could consider color-coding different sections of the playground using the mulch for better organization as well. While there are likely a number of color options for natural mulch, with rubber, you can ask for a custom color that gives you the exact look that you want.

Less Grass to Cut

When you go heavy on the rubber mulch for your outdoor space, you will reduce the amount of space that needs to be otherwise maintained. You could consider putting mulch around most outdoor playsets so that no one ever has to go over and cut the grass and disturb people while they are trying to play with their kids.

No Pests to Deal With

While even natural mulch can keep grass from growing underneath it, rubber mulch has the added benefit of not being something that pests are going to be likely to hide within. Considering that the playground is an area where kids are going to be all the time, you want to keep the entire space pest-free as best you can. Going with rubber instead of natural mulch makes it less likely that any negative situations involving pests will develop.

Rubber Mulch Offers Additional Safety

If kids are running around the playground and fall on a hard section of pavement, they could end up with an injury. You could strategically put rubber mulch down in certain areas where it might be likely for a kid to take a spill. Falling onto the rubber will offer some absorption of the blow as they fall to the ground. Rubber mulch could be just one more way that you try to keep your entire business as safe as possible for the kids. 

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