24-Hour Emergency Tree Services Could Be Needed When Your Tree Is Damaged During A Storm

If you've had a tree split apart or something similar and the tree is a danger to your home, you'll need to call an emergency tree service to take a look at the situation. Even if it's in the middle of the night, you can call for 24-hour emergency tree services. Here's a look at what the tree service might do.

Assess The Situation

The tree professional needs to take a close look at the problem, especially if it's dark or stormy. They need to understand the threat to your tree and also the safety threat for the crew. If the situation is stable, the tree service may wait until daylight to start work for the crew's safety. They may ask you to leave your home for the night for your safety.

If the situation is too dangerous to wait, the tree service might take emergency measures to do what's necessary to stabilize the tree or cut part of it away so the threat of it causing house damage is reduced. They can then return the following day to cut the tree down the rest of the way.

Remove The Damaged Tree

If it's daylight when you call, the tree service may get to work on your tree right away to remove the threat to your house or to get the tree out of the way so you can put a tarp on the roof.

The tree service might need to bring a crane to your property so the crew can work from the bucket rather than lean on the tree. A tree that's split or badly damaged will probably need to be removed or it could fall down and land on your car, house, or the road.

The tree will be cut away starting at the top and the pieces lowered with a rope to a safe spot on the ground. The tree service might stack the tree pieces and pick them up later. When they provide 24-hour emergency tree services, they may do what's needed to resolve the emergency and then schedule the rest of the work, such as removing the stump, for normal business hours.

Damaged trees are unpredictable, so the crew has to work carefully. You might need to stay out of the house and away from the area until the tree is down. Once the tree is on the ground, you can breathe easily and know the emergency is over.

It's always better to be safe and call a 24-hour emergency tree service when you're worried about a damaged tree. If the situation isn't serious, they'll let you know, but if the tree is a dangerous hazard, they can get to work as soon as possible to remove your tree.