Tips For Growing Healthy Grass Under Pine Trees

Maintaining a beautiful lawn beneath pine trees can be challenging at best, but it's not impossible. You will want to take steps to keep the trees healthy without compromising the health of the grass. The following tips can help you do just that so both trees and lawn can remain lush and attractive. Tip #1: Rake often Pine trees shed needles year round in small amounts, although many varieties also drop a large amount of needles in fall. Read More 

Repair Options For Snow Damaged Deciduous Trees

Heavy snow can be damaging to trees, even dormant deciduous trees. If a branch is weak or the load is heavy, it may give way and break. The following guide can help you determine what to do if a branch breaks off of a dormant tree, along with providing some ongoing care advice to prevent future breakage. Consider a splint When surveying the break, determine whether the branch is worth saving. Read More 

Look For These Issues When Hanging Christmas Lights From The Trees In Your Yard

You might not spend much time looking at the trees in your front yard throughout the year, but when the Christmas season arrives, you'll be either climbing the tree or putting a ladder against it to hang some strings of Christmas lights. In addition to making your yard appear more festive, this exercise gives you a chance to notice any issues with your trees so that they can be dealt with professionally. Read More 

Common Questions About Tree Trimming Answered

The trees on your property can require a lot of maintenance. However, many homeowners are not very informed when it comes to some of the routine work that a tree may require. In particular, tree trimming is a task that may eventually need to be done to your tree, but if you have never had this type of work done before, you might benefit from learning the answers to some commonly asked tree-trimming questions. Read More 

How To Properly Care For Apple Trees In Your Community Garden

Apple trees can bring beauty to your community garden while providing a source of fresh, delicious fruit. Like many types of fruit trees, apple trees need special care. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you nurture your community garden's apple trees. Pruning While trees that don't bear fruit can be pruned to keep them looking great and to keep them healthy, pruning serves an additional purpose for apple trees. Read More