Knowing When To Call An Arborist: Six Signs That Demand Immediate Attention

In most respects, trees are beneficial assets for homeowners; they reduce utility costs, raise the value of your home and provide habitat for wildlife. They even improve your mental and physical health. But trees can also cause serious problems, particularly when they fail. If one of your trees begins shedding branches, or worse, completely collapses, you may be held financially responsible for the damage it causes. Accordingly, it is wise to have your trees inspected regularly by a certified arborist, who can predict the tree's likelihood of failure. Read More 

How to Give the Front of Your Home a Beautiful Appearance

If you are planning to make some changes to the front of your house and to your front yard, here are some ideas that might help you to create a scene pretty enough to be in house and garden publications.  Start with the House—Starting with changes that need to be made to your home just makes sense since it's something you can do before spring arrives and you can tackle your yard. Read More 

Love Your Trees? 4 Reasons You Should Keep Them Trimmed

Did you know that giving your trees annual maintenance can help keep them healthy? In addition to adequate water and fertilizer, your trees also need to be trimmed. For proper growth, your trees should be trimmed at least twice a year – at the beginning and end of each growth period. Here are four reasons why you should make sure your trees are trimmed on a regular basis. Structural Stability and Form for New Trees Read More 

Can De-Icing Salts Hurt Your Trees?

Winter is quickly approaching! If you use de-icing salts on and around your property, you should be aware of the different effects that de-icing salts can have on trees. Knowing what de-icing salts can do to your trees, how to identify damage from de-icing salts and what to do if your tree is poisoned by de-icing salts can help you care for your trees and also your property.  Can de-icing salts hurt your trees? Read More 

Taking Care Of Your Backyard Fruit Tree

Having a tree that produces fruit for you and your family means many good things. First, most fruit trees can last many harvest seasons, making you thousands of pieces of fruit over their lifetimes. Second, you can control exactly what you put on your fruit and in your body. As long as you put in the necessary time, fruit trees offer you sustenance and beauty for your yard. Here are the best methods for taking care of a backyard fruit tree. Read More