Trees And Your Sewer Line: 4 Concerns That Require Tree Removal

A tree can wreak a lot of havoc that will at first go unseen because the problem is occurring underground, in your home's main sewer line. Tree roots will invade the line to seek out water and nutrients, leading to troublesome clogs. Sometimes removal of the tree is the best option. 1. Tree Type and Size Certain types of trees are more likely to cause issues with the sewer line. For example, cottonwoods and river birch, much like other wetland species, have extensive root systems that will branch out densely in the search for water. Read More 

4 Factors That Impact Tree Removal Timing

Removing a standing tree from your property can be a question of timing. In ideal circumstances, trees are best removed during the dormant season when they aren't in full leaf. Removing during dormancy is also kinder to neighborhood wildlife, as it won't be during nesting season or when young ones are living in the tree. Of course, there are situations that may mean an earlier removal is necessary. 1. Tree Stability Read More 

What Is a Hazardous Tree, Anyways?

You may have seen some signs advertising hazardous tree removal services. Maybe a local tree care company has left flyers in your mailbox offering a discount on this service. Or, perhaps your HOA has some rules that reference hazardous tree removal. If such situations have you scratching your head and wondering "what's a hazardous tree?" then you are not alone. It's a good idea to know what makes a tree hazardous so that if you do spot a hazardous tree, you recognize it and are able to call pros to have it removed. Read More 

24-Hour Emergency Tree Services Could Be Needed When Your Tree Is Damaged During A Storm

If you've had a tree split apart or something similar and the tree is a danger to your home, you'll need to call an emergency tree service to take a look at the situation. Even if it's in the middle of the night, you can call for 24-hour emergency tree services. Here's a look at what the tree service might do. Assess The Situation The tree professional needs to take a close look at the problem, especially if it's dark or stormy. Read More 

When You May Need To Get Rid Of Trees On Your Property And What To Know About Removing Them

Removing trees is a big job that usually requires heavy machinery and safety precautions when you live in the city on a small lot. It's easier to remove trees in wide open spaces, but it's still dangerous. Trees can be unpredictable, and they can do a lot of damage if they fall the wrong way. That's why you should hire a tree removal service to take down your trees. Here's when tree removal may be necessary and some important things to know. Read More