Transplanting A Tree To A New Home

If you moving to a new home, and you have a sentimental tree on your current property that you are hoping to bring along, you will want to take the necessary steps in transplanting it safely so it continues to grow healthily. There are risks involved when moving a tree, making it important to know when and how to go about the transplanting procedure. Here are some guidelines to follow when moving a tree from one home to another.

Know The Best Time To Move

The timing of a tree transplant is very important so it does not go into shock due to a change in conditions. The best time to do a tree transplant is in the wintertime when it is in a dormant state. If you notice any budding leaves on your tree, you are too late to do a safe transplant and it would be best to ask the new owner of your home if they would allow you to move it the following winter. 

Prepare Your Tree's New Home

Before you move a tree, the new location needs to be ready for a quick planting. Make sure the spot you select to place your tree is away from any power lines and not too close to other trees so it will not need to fight for nutrients from the ground. Dig a large hole and fill it with water the day before you intend on moving the tree to its new home. 

Remove The Tree From The Ground

To move your tree, have a few friends available to help you lift it out of the ground if possible. First, dig around the perimeter of your tree, trying to keep as many of the roots intact as possible. Use an ax to cut large roots that will not loosen from the soil. Lay your tree flat on the ground and wrap the root ball with a large piece of burlap that has been saturated in water. Use a thick piece of twine to wrap around the burlap so it does not shift out of place when you transport your tree. Tie the tree to the top of your vehicle and bring it to the new property immediately.

Place The Tree In The Ground

When you arrive at your new home, remove the burlap from the root ball and place it into the hole of water right away. Replace the soil from the hole digging around the base of your tree. Place mulch around the perimeter of the base of your tree to help retain moisture in the ground so your tree will have a water supply available as it gets accustomed to its new home.

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