4 Things To Know About When It Comes To Tree Removal

Tree removal may be a necessary thing at one point either because a tree has died, has a disease, or may potentially cause damage to property. If you feel that a tree on your property or near your property needs removal, here are three things you need to know about it: 

  1. Should be Last Resort: When you hire professionals to remove a tree from your property, they are going to request that you choose other tree-saving options because tree removal should be the absolute last resort. If there is any way that the tree can be restored to ensure that you aren't as worried about it any longer, then that should be done instead. Not only will keeping a tree healthy on your property increase your home's value, but it will also help the ecology of your neighborhood. 
  2. May Need an Inspection: Before you are able to remove a tree from your property, you may have to have an inspection done by the local government. This is because you may need a permit in order for the tree to be legally removed from your property or near your property. Also, if you live on a homeowners associated property, then they will want to inspect a tree before it is removed, as well. 
  3. Make Sure Stump Removal is Included: When you hire a professional tree removal service, be sure that you ask about whether or not the stump removal is included. If it's not included, you may have to hire a separate company to remove it, which can cost you a great deal more to remove. You want to be sure that it is removed to ensure that it doesn't devalue your home and get in the way of your landscaping.
  4. Write a Letter to a Neighbor: If you are concerned about a tree on your neighbor's  property, then you must request for them to consider removing it with a formally written letter. This will ensure that if any damage does happen to your property because of the tree on your neighbor's property, then you can be sure that the letter will help with evidence for an insurance claim. This is going to put you in better standing to receive compensation for the damages.

By knowing these things about tree removal, you can be sure that you get it done in the right away. If you attempt to do it on your own, it can not only be illegal but also lower your property's value significantly. Contact a local tree removal company, such as Robert Jefferies Logging & Tree Service, for further assistance.