Four Unique Ways To Deal With Waste After A Tree Removal

When you have a tree removed, there will be a lot of waste to deal with. This waste can cost more to have hauled off or other services done. You may want to think of creative ways to use your tree debris, which can save you money when having removal done. Here are some unique ideas to help you deal with your tree removal waste:

1. Using The Leafy Debris To Create A Compost Pile

The leafy debris from your tree removal can be good for starting a compost pile. When doing this, try to use the smallest twigs and branches with leaves to mulch with a wood chipper. You can add this material to a compost container with coffee grinds and other organic materials. The coffee grinds are high in nutrients and work well for starting compost.

2. Creating Mulch With Medium Sized Debris

Medium sized branches and debris may not be the best for your compost pile, but it can be used for things like ground cover. Once you have all the leafy debris cleaned up, use the materials that are a little too big to make mulch that you can use for ground cover in your garden. It can also be good in a vegetable garden in dry areas because the wood debris will hold moisture to prevent plants from drying out and protect the soil from direct sunlight.

3. Using Large Branched For Firewood And Charcoal Material

Large branches can be too big to put through the wood chipper. These materials can be used for things like firewood and charcoal. Take the smallest ones and cut them into small pieces, and char them in a fire and put them out with water and let them dry. The largest materials you can cut into pieces that are big enough for a stove or fireplace.

4. Cutting The Large Debris Into Timber Materials For Projects

The largest materials can be difficult to deal with. They are often used for firewood, but this can be a lot of work if you have to cut and split the logs. If you like to do a few wood working projects, the straightest and cleanest materials can be good to use for timber. You can use it for things like landscaping timbers and other wood materials that you may want to use around your home.

These are some unique ideas to help you deal with tree removal waste and save. If you need to have a tree removed, contact a tree service company like Gene's Tree Service and talk with them about how they can help you with your tree problem.