Safely Removing A Large Branch From A Tree

If your tree has a dead branch, you might need to have the branch removed to avoid it falling and causing injuries or property damage. When you cut open the branch, if the inside is green, the branch is still alive. But if the branch is another color, it is dead. You will need to use the proper branch removal methods to avoid damaging the tree and to avoid placing yourself at risk.

Put the Ladder in Place

Find a tree limb that is solid when your ladder is placed against it. The bottom part of the ladder must be placed solidly on the ground. Make sure the ladder is at the proper angle by placing your feet at the bottom of the ladder and reaching your arms out. If you can touch the rung of the ladder parallel to your shoulders, the ladder is at the proper angle.

Determine Where You Will Cut

Remove the tree branch as close to the trunk as possible. However, try not to damage the trunk or the healthy parts of the tree. The living parts will be green underneath the bark. Fortunately, there is usually a ring of swollen flesh that separates the living part of the tree from the dead part. Before you begin sawing through the branch, make sure that there is nothing in the path of the potentially heavy branch. If there are any children nearby, make sure they move to a safe location first.

Begin Sawing

Use a saw to cut through the branch. Begin by cutting the underside of the branch and continue until you have cut at least halfway through. Then, make a second cut on the top part of the branch and work your way downward until you have cut mostly through the branch. Then, allow the branch to fall by it's own weight. Avoid cutting into the branch collar, which is the corner formed by the branch and the tree trunk, because this will slow down the healing of the tree.

Know When to Contact a Professional

While sawing through the branch, if the tree as a whole appears unstable at any point, stop sawing the branch. If there is any risk that the tree might fall, you should have the tree branch or the tree itself removed by a tree service. If the tree branch is so large that you have to climb somewhat into the tree to reach it, you should consider contacting a tree services company. Also, if the entire tree needs to be removed, you should contact a tree removal specialist. To learn more, contact a business like Hodgson's Expert Tree Service.