Tips For Successfully Removing An Oak Tree Stump With A Stump Grinder

If you are getting ready to remove an oak tree stump on your property using a stump grinder, then it is important to know how to safely grind out the stump using the best technique possible. 

Use these tips to help you remove your old oak tree stump in the safest and most expedient manner:

Remove Landscaping Materials and Rocks from around the Oak Tree Stump

While stump grinders are the fastest and easiest way to remove unwanted oak tree stumps, any rocks or landscaping materials around the base of the stump must be removed before you start to grind. Landscaping such as vines and shrubbery can wrap themselves around the blade assembly and jam the stump grinder. This can damage the machine and can be dangerous for you as the machine's operator. Rocks and bark can be flung across your yard by the fast moving blades of the stump grinder. Additionally, they can dull and damage the teeth on the grinder's blades.

Remove All Oak Tree Stump Wood above the Grade 

Since it requires much less effort to remove the top of a tree stump using a chainsaw than it does to remove it with a stump grinder's smaller blades, you should saw off as much of the old oak tree as possible before you attempt to grind the remaining stump. While you should not saw down into the dirt and damage the teeth on your chainsaw's blade, sawing the stump right down to the grade level will save you a lot of time and effort when you start grinding. 

Grind the Oak Tree Stump from the Outside Inward

Stump grinders are designed to remove your oak tree stump with large circular blades. You will have hand controls to move the blades up, down, and from side-to-side. While you may be tempted to start grinding in the center of the stump, you should grind in a circular motion working around the stump from the outside inward. By using this technique, you will ensure that you grind all of the stump's material in a uniform manner. This will keep you from having to repeatedly go over unground areas.

Dress Appropriately for Tree Stump Grinding

Finally, you need to wear proper clothing for working with a stump grinder. At a minimum, this means a long-sleeve shirt, denim jeans, and a pair of work boots to protect your feet. A pair of leather gloves will keep your hands from getting blisters on them from operating the stump grinder. For assistance, talk to a professional like Buskirk Tree Service.