Love Your Trees? 4 Reasons You Should Keep Them Trimmed

Did you know that giving your trees annual maintenance can help keep them healthy? In addition to adequate water and fertilizer, your trees also need to be trimmed. For proper growth, your trees should be trimmed at least twice a year – at the beginning and end of each growth period. Here are four reasons why you should make sure your trees are trimmed on a regular basis.

Structural Stability and Form for New Trees

A well-shaped tree doesn't just grow that way. It takes a lot of careful trimming to get the proper shape. Tree shaping should begin as soon as your new tree is planted. Small suckers should be removed from the main branches, as well as from the base of the trunk, to prevent improper growth patterns. Removing the small suckers can also prevent your new tree from becoming too top-heavy.

Provide for the Health and Strength of Mature Trees

Without semi-annual tree trimming, your trees can develop a thick canopy – which is the upper-most portion of the tree. To prevent your mature trees from becoming too top-heavy, you should have them thinned at least once a year. Thick canopies can also lead to fungus growth, especially if sunlight can't reach the inner branches. If the foliage on your tree is so thick that you can't see the inner branches, you should have it trimmed as soon as possible.

Prevent Loss Due to Disease and Insect Infestation

Even if your tree looks healthy, there could be danger lurking beneath the surface. Things like insects and diseases can hide underneath the bark, which means you might not know there's a problem until your tree begins to die. If the problem persists, your trees may need to be removed. Semi-annual tree trimming will ensure that problems are discovered before they jeopardize the health of your trees. Once the diseased and infested portions of the tree are removed, it will be able to thrive again.

Keep You and Others Safe

Trees that are growing near sidewalks or near the street, can pose safety hazards if not kept trimmed. Branches that hang over your fence and hide street signs should be trimmed so that the signs are visible by motorists.  Branches that hang over sidewalks should also be trimmed so that you can walk under them safely.

Your trees provide beauty and shade for your yard. You can help keep them healthy and promote proper growth by having them trimmed twice a year. Contact a tree service, like Chudy Tree Care, for more help.