Common Questions About Tree Trimming Answered

The trees on your property can require a lot of maintenance. However, many homeowners are not very informed when it comes to some of the routine work that a tree may require. In particular, tree trimming is a task that may eventually need to be done to your tree, but if you have never had this type of work done before, you might benefit from learning the answers to some commonly asked tree-trimming questions.

Why Should You Leave Tree Trimming Work To Professional Tree Care Experts?

There are many individuals who may assume it will not be difficult to simply cut off a branch that is too close to the house or that is otherwise causing problems. Unfortunately, if you do not correctly cut the branch, you can inadvertently cause extensive damage to the tree. Once this occurs, it will be more susceptible to infections, pests and other problems.

What Will The Contractor Do With The Branches After Trimming The Tree?

After a tree is trimmed, there will likely be a substantial amount of branches, leaves, and other debris that will need to be handled. Most tree trimming services will transport this debris away from your property when the service is finished. However, if you compost your home's trash, you may be able to get the contractor to leave the bags of leaves for you, as this can be an excellent source of nutrients.

Does It Matter What Time Of Year Your Have The Trees On Your Property Trimmed?

Some homeowners might make the assumption that tree trimming work should always be done during the spring or summer months. However, this may actually be one of the worse times of the year to have this work done. This is due to the fact that this is one of the main growing seasons for the plant, and this is the time of year when the tree will store nutrients for the winter. By having the tree trimmed during this time of year, you may compromise its ability to survive the winter. As a result, you should typically schedule this work to be done during the winter or fall months when the tree has finished its growing season.

Having your trees trimmed is something that may need to be done to correct disease issues or to prevent branches from damaging your home. Regardless of the reason, it is important for you to understand the importance of leaving this type of tree work to professionals, that tree trimming services may leave the leaves and branches for your compost, and the need to have this work done during the winter or fall. Knowing these facts will help you to ensure that your trees stay as healthy as possible.