Look For These Issues When Hanging Christmas Lights From The Trees In Your Yard

You might not spend much time looking at the trees in your front yard throughout the year, but when the Christmas season arrives, you'll be either climbing the tree or putting a ladder against it to hang some strings of Christmas lights. In addition to making your yard appear more festive, this exercise gives you a chance to notice any issues with your trees so that they can be dealt with professionally. If you notice any of the following situations, it's best to call your local tree service to arrange a visit.

Broken Branches

In many cases, you'll identify branches that are broken but haven't fallen to the ground. This can include branches that aren't broken all the way through, or branches that have actually snapped off but are suspended by other branches. Broken branches in a tree can be dangerous. A gust of wind could be enough to cause any broken branches to fall to the ground below, potentially landing on your vehicle in the driveway or your children playing in the yard. In the case of a tree near your property line, broken branches could call on the fence or onto the sidewalk or road. A rep from your local tree service will be able to safely remove these branches, as well as identify and remove any other broken branches.

Moss Or Fungus

It's possible for your trees to have moss or fungus growing on them, and you might not notice this issue until you're up in the tree hanging your Christmas lights. It's a good idea to take a photo of any moss or fungus you identify; you can then email this photo to your local tree service, like On Demand Tree Servics, to learn whether it's harmful or not. If not, emailing the photo will save you booking a visit. If the moss or fungus is a concern, a rep from the company can pay you a visit to treat the problem.

Wasp Nest

When you notice a wasp nest in your tree, you'll immediately want to vacate the area — even if you haven't hung your Christmas lights yet. The fall or early winter is a good time of the year to deal with this nest in many areas. In colder climates, the wasps will be dormant, which will allow someone from your local tree service to remove the nest with minimal risk of getting stung. While pest control services can also deal with wasp nests, many tree services will do this work for you — especially if the nest is high up the tree.