3 Reasons To Call A Tree Service

It can be difficult to figure out when you need to make the decision to call a tree service to have a tree professionally handled. After all, it's not only a significant financial investment; you're also losing a tree on your property that you may have become attached to. There are several clear reasons to consider hiring a tree service to evaluate the situation, including the following: 

1. The Tree is Too Close to Your House

If there is a tree that stands too close to your home, whether it is damaged or not, it is important to have it removed. Unfortunately, in a serious storm, a tree does not have to have any damage to it in order to fall on your house. Instead, if the wind gusts get high and enough, trees can simply be ripped up by the roots and then fall on your house. For this reason, it's essential that you take the time to evaluate the situation and ask a tree service to remove any trees that stand too close to your home. 

2. A Tree on Your Property is Damaged

After a storm has hit, whether it involved wind, snow, ice, or all of these, it's common for trees and their branches to be damaged. If you find that trees on your property have sustained serious damage after a winter storm or a summer windstorm, it's crucial that you contact a tree service right away. These skilled professionals can evaluate the damage and then remove any parts of the tree that need to be taken down. If the entire tree needs to come down, they can take care of that as well. This can prevent the tree from being a hazard in the future and can help keep your family safe. 

3. One or More Trees are Stressed by Drought

If the weather has been overly dry in your area, it's possible that the trees on your property could have become stressed by drought. If the branches are dead or dying, they could then snap off or fall with the first strong wind that blows through. If you are concerned about this, it makes sense to contact a tree professional to evaluate the situation.  Trees can be damaged in a variety of ways, but they can also be extremely damaging to property such as houses, fences, bridges, and cars. If there are people in the buildings when a tree falls, they are in serious danger as well. If you are concerned about a tree on your property, contact a professional in your area for an evaluation as soon as possible. 

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