3 Steps To Effective Maintenance In A Desert Climate

Living in a desert climate means that the temperatures can come from one extreme to the next. During the summer months, the temperatures will spike, and the surrounding area will be dry and arid. Summer months can also be hard on your yard if you are dealing with a desert climate, as grass can easily dry up and plants can wither away without proper daily care. If you want to take care of your plants during the desert summer effectively, here are some ways to water and care for your yard. 

1. Keep the yard cut low and pruned

The lower the grass, the less water you will need for the entirety of the grass blades. When you are dealing with caring for a lawn in 100-degree weather, you want to keep the grass cut low. This will stop brown spots from developing in the blades of grass, and it will allow you to spot any areas that need extra water and care quickly. Along with keeping the yard cut, pull up any weeds, dandelions, and other growth as soon as you see them sprout. These unwanted extras in your yard will take water from your grass, causing your lawn to dehydrate. Weekly pruning should keep your yard free of these growths. 

2. Allow your trees to grow big and tall

Trees will be one saving grace to have in your yard. Instead of cutting the branches of your trees, allow them to grow a little longer in the summertime safely. If your trees are in the center of the yard, they will be able to provide shade to your grass and plants. Have a tree specialist come to take a look at your tree during the summer to ensure that it is receiving enough water and that the limbs remain healthy. Also be sure to collect any nuts or fruit that fall off of the tree regularly, so that your lawn remains clean. 

3. Install a sprinkler system

Many desert climates will have a water restriction during the summer months, especially if there was not enough rainfall during the year. Have a firm come out and install an in-ground sprinkler system. Be sure that the sprinkler system distributes water evenly across the yard in a short amount of time. An in-ground irrigation system with irrigation will send water across the lawn while keeping the water in the soil. Keeping water in the soil means that the yard dries out slower. 

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