4 Reasons To Have That Tree Stump Removed From Your Yard

If you've recently cut down a tree, you may have a tree stump sitting in your yard. Over time, the tree stump will eventually rot and die, but that takes time. In the meantime, however, there are many consequences that can result from having a stump in your yard. Check out these four reasons you should have that stump removed.

1. It Attracts Pests

As the tree stump rots, it becomes a paradise for pests, especially bugs that eat wood. The tree provides food and shelter from the elements and predators. However, the more pests you attract to your yard, the greater your chance of getting an infestation inside your home. This is particularly a problem if the stump is close to your house, or if you have lots of plants near the house. They provide a place for pests to hide while they find a way to gain access.

2. They Promote New Growth

In the forest, if a tree or stump rots, it promotes a new life that helps the forest flourish. This is because the rotting tree gives off nutrients and promotes new growth. Unfortunately, this can be a problem in your yard. The rotting stump makes great fertilizer for just about anything, including weeds. In some cases, a new tree may even start to sprout from the dying stump.

3. They May Pose a Threat

If you have young children, having a stump may be a tripping hazard. Young children may not be paying attention when playing, so if the stump is located where your children tend to play, it's best to have it removed. Plus, having it professionally removed means no dangerous chemicals for your kids or pets to ingest or absorb through the skin. Even if you don't have kids, a visitor could trip over a stump, and you may be found responsible for their medical bills.

4. Stumps Affect Your Curb Appeal

An important aspect of any home is curb appeal. Curb appeal simply refers to how your home looks from the curb, and it typically includes the front exterior and the yard. If you have a stump in your yard, it may not reduce the value of the home, but it can make your yard look unkempt, which may negatively impact their overall impression of your home.

If you have a stump in your yard, don't leave it to rot. A rotting stump can lead to many problems, including injury. If you would like to know more information about stump removal, or if you have a stump you want to be removed, contact a tree removal company like Good Morrow today to get a quote.