Tick Control Tips For Homeowners

Ticks are very stressful to have around a property. They can get on pets and bite humans without any remorse. If you want to make sure ticks don't have the chance to move in on your property and cause stress, execute these tick control tips.

Mow the Lawn Regularly

If you had a lawn that got out of control with tall grass, then that's just like inviting ticks to move to your property. Then it's more likely that they'll have an affect on your family or pets. For this reason, you need to mow your lawn on a regular basis.

It needs to be kept short so that you don't create an inviting habitat for ticks. Short grass doesn't give them much of a defense so they won't be compelled to move towards your property if the lawn is maintained properly. 

Consider a Professional Tick Treatment

If you want to add in a sound tactic to your DIY approach to ticks, you can work with a pest control expert to have a professional tick treatment applied. These treatments are very effective and aren't that hard to apply.

You just need to hire the right pest control technician that is reliable and sprays the right areas of your home. If they have worked with ticks before, then they'll know all of the trouble spots that ticks like to stay near. A professional treatment can wipe out a large population of ticks in a short period of time.

Keep Monitoring Pets for Ticks

It can be hard to spot ticks just out in the backyard or front because they are so small, but when they get on your pets, they're very easy to notice. They initially look like a black or brown spot and then when you inspect further, you'll be able to identify these specks as ticks.

You want to keep an eye on your pets to see if your tick measures are working or not. If your pets continue getting ticks, then it's clear you need to switch things up. For instance, you can use stronger products that help you keep ticks away on a consistent basis.

Ticks aren't that pleasant to find around your property and thanks to all kinds of treatments, they don't have to remain for long. You just need to do things that you feel will work best and continue monitoring these methods. Then you'll put together the right tick control plan with ease.