4 Reasons You Might Need Tree Branch Trimming Services

If your property has trees, you certainly appreciate the natural aura and beauty that they bring. Generally, well-maintained trees boost property value and enhance curb appeal. But what kind of effort should you put into tree care? One of the best ways to maintain the health of your trees is by scheduling tree branch trimming. The following are some common ways to know if it's time to schedule tree branch trimming.

1. Dangerously Hanging Branches

Your branches may pull up too much weight and slant or hang lower than usual. If left unaddressed, they can fall anytime and hit anyone under the tree or damage your house.

Heavy branches with many leaves are also vulnerable to breaking off from the tree during strong wind storms. Before they cause accidents and property damage, consider scheduling a tree branch trimming service. The specialist will cut down the problematic branches and retain healthy leaf density.  

2. Dead Twigs

Over time, as your tree continues to mature, some parts may die prematurely. This could be due to diseases, lack of nutrients, or insufficient sunlight. Pests may also lead to the death of a limb by heavily consuming and inhabiting it.

You can easily distinguish dead limbs by their unusually dry and dull colors. They don't sprout leaves and easily break off due to strong winds. If you suspect your tree has dead limbs, you need to schedule tree branch trimming. The specialists will eliminate the dead parts to preserve the health and appearance of your trees.

3. Infected Branches

Diseases and fungi can affect the health of your tree. For example, you may begin to notice unusual growth or spots on the leaves and branches. Diseases also cause discoloration. Unfortunately, delayed treatment gives the infection more time to spread to other parts of the tree or adjacent trees.

However, timely branch trimming services help save the tree by cutting off the disease before it spreads to other parts. The expert will examine the severity of the problem and determine if trimming it off would be the most appropriate option.

4. When a Tree Is Too Shady

Does your tree have too many leaves? Contrary to common belief, too much shade can actually be harmful. The heavy growth bars sunlight from penetrating to the inner branches of the tree or younger plants growing beneath the tree. Smothering the younger plants leads to unhealthy lawn growth. Trimming the branches may help improve the situation and enhance your lawn.

Tree branch trimming is paramount to having healthy and attractive trees on your property. Therefore, schedule a tree branch trimming service if you notice any of the signs highlighted above.