Is It Wise To Enlist Tree Trimming Services During The Winter Months?

When you think of winter home improvement projects, you probably assume that they are solely necessary when your residential property is in dire need of repairs. Certainly, severe weather conditions use extensive damage to structures such as roofing, siding, and so on. Nonetheless, it is also vital to be cognizant of the fact that some preventative services would be invaluable for the long term. And one such service is professional tree trimming.

A common blunder some homeowners make is think tree services should only be sought when a tree is severely infested with disease or structurally compromised, as both these scenarios put it at risk of toppling over. But these are not the only instances that professional help would be essential. Keep reading to learn a few reasons why it would be wise to enlist tree trimming services during the winter months.

Tree trimming during the winter decreases the threat of pests and diseases

An assumption you may make about the cold weather is that these temperatures allow your trees to thrive, as there is a minimal risk of pests infesting these plants but you would be mistaken. What you could be surprised to learn is that pest infestations are just as likely to happen during the winter since critters such as birds, wood-boring pests, and more will overrun your trees in search of food and shelter from the freezing temperatures.

It is also worth noting that tree diseases such as cankers, tree rust, blight, and so on can set in during the winter and worsen as time goes by. If you want your trees to thrive once the season transitions into spring, it is advisable to hire tree trimming services immediately. When the arborists tend to your trees during the winter, they not only get rid of pests but will also eliminate diseased limbs that would eventually jeopardize the health of the affected trees.

Tree trimming during the winter ensures straightforward accessibility

Although multiple factors come into play when determining the cost of tree trimming services, accessibility is one of the foremost aspects that the arborists will take into account. If your residential property is dotted by numerous deciduous trees, seeking tree services during the summer will be expensive, as the crowns of the trees will be dense with leaves and foliage. Conversely, during the winter months, these trees will shed their foliage, and this makes accessibility much more uncomplicated for the arborists in a couple of ways.

For starters, the arborists can easily investigate the state of your trees, which allows them to determine which diseased limbs need to be pruned. Secondly, by having the trees bare, the arborists can determine the best way to go about shaping the crowns during tree trimming, so you do to have to worry about the foliage blocking your view, or sunlight on the property, once springtime rolls around.

If you are in need of professional tree services, contact a specialist near you.