Tree Services: What You Can Ask Your Tree Pros To Do

Did you know that when it comes to your trees, your landscaper isn't the only one who can address them? You can actually call a tree specialist to do your tree services, and this specialist is often called an arborist. This is a tree expert who can do anything from telling you what kinds of trees to plant in your area to helping you remove trees that are invasive or potentially harmful.

Your tree service works hard to help you complete your landscape and also helps your trees stay healthy. Some tree services also work alongside landscapers to make a property look great. What can you ask your tree pros to do? Read on to find out.

Help you pick trees for your bare yard

Your tree service knows what trees will look best in your yard and will help you select the ones that will thrive in your property's soil. They can also pick up and deliver the trees and plant them for you as part of their estimate. Or, you can plant the trees yourself once your tree service has given you a game plan.

Remove stumps and dead trees

Any stump or dead tree already on your property is a potential pest haven or curb appeal destroyer and should be removed. Your tree service can cut down any dead or dying trees on your property, chop up the wood, and grind out the stump. Cleanup is up to you—your tree service will remove the debris for you for an added fee or you can do the work yourself and enjoy firewood for next season.

Identify and remove trees

Not every tree on your property is native to your land or even welcome. Some trees are invasive and produce little suckers all over your yard. Still others are not meant to thrive on your property. Your tree service will identify all the trees you have on your lawn and will then remove the ones you don't want or the ones that are invasive or crowding out other trees.

Your tree services can also trim and prune trees as needed, especially fruit trees or trees that are growing near power lines or your home. Your tree service can be helpful in keeping your landscape looking great; your landscaper can refer you to a tree services company if you don't already know of one in your area. Don't attempt to do any tree work on your own.

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