Need To Prune Your Trees? Common Options Worth Considering

Having trees in your home is important because it helps improve your curb appeal, provide shade, and increase your property value. However, you can only realize such benefits if you take care of your trees. One way to ensure a healthy yard is through regular tree pruning. 

Mostly, the method focuses on removing dead branches to help stimulate tree growth. That said, the goal of tree pruning can go beyond dead branches. Once you seek tree service expert help, an arborist can guide you on the approaches to consider based on your desired results. Here's more on tree pruning methods you might need. 

Thinning of the Tree Crown

In this pruning method, your arborist will remove the weak branches from your tree crown. Doing so ensures better air and light penetration, which is essential for food production. In addition, the pruning expert will remove diseased branches to allow the effective growth of healthy branches. That said, they will not remove a lot of mass from the tree's center because this can affect its structural integrity.

Removing of Lifeless Branches (Dead Pruning)

As the name suggests, this is where your pruning expert removes diseased branches from your tree. This tree care method is also called crown cleaning since the task focuses on the tree crown. One of the reasons you'll want to perform crown cleaning is that it helps to prevent the spread of diseases to other branches. In addition, that task also improves your tree's aesthetic appeal by giving it a groomed appearance.

Removing Low-Hanging Branches (Crown Lifting)

Here, an arborist will remove your tree's low-hanging branches and limbs if it seems out of shape. In most cases, this pruning method is necessary for trees whose branches overhang along roofs and roads. Doing so will create enough clearance for vehicles and prevent damage to your roof. That said, you must note that this pruning method is best for young trees. As such, if you wish to prune branches from large trees, you should seek tree service professional advice.

Reducing the Size of the Tree (Crown Reduction)

Crown reduction is a pruning option tailored for trees that almost touch power lines or interfere with other structures. In addition, this technique also helps to keep your tree's structural integrity by reducing the weight of the crown. That said, professional help is crucial in determining the amount of clearance you need if you plan to reduce your tree crown.

If you want to keep your trees healthy and improve curb appeal, consider the pruning options mentioned above. Also, you should use the services of an experienced tree service expert for the best outcome.

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