How To Properly Care For Apple Trees In Your Community Garden

Apple trees can bring beauty to your community garden while providing a source of fresh, delicious fruit. Like many types of fruit trees, apple trees need special care. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you nurture your community garden's apple trees. Pruning While trees that don't bear fruit can be pruned to keep them looking great and to keep them healthy, pruning serves an additional purpose for apple trees. Read More 

Tips For Taking The Best Care Of Your Peach Trees

Nothing is quite as delicious on a hot, summer day as a fat, juicy peach fresh off the tree. In order for your peach trees to produce the biggest and tastiest peaches, you will need to follow a care plan for them. Check out these tips for ensuring that your peach trees produce every year without fail. Mulching Peach Trees Is Important Making sure your peach trees have the moisture they need for producing fruit is vital. Read More 

Problems Growing Flowers Because Of A Shade Tree? Things You Can Do About It

Flowers can enhance a yard and make it beautiful. If you only have one place to grow flowers but there is a tree providing too much shade in this area, you may be considering cutting down the tree. Fortunately, you can preserve the tree and have beautiful flowers by following the tips below. Lacing the Tree One option you have to reduce shade is to lace the tree. This process is thinning out the tree by removing limbs and branches so more air and light can shine through the crown or canopy. Read More 

What Should You Think About Before Removing A Tree?

Trees, like any other living thing, can get sick and die. However, it may not always be obvious that they are dead and rotting. Even if you think that the tree is dead, the questions are whether the tree should be removed and if so, when it should be removed. Wildlife One of the things that you should consider when deciding whether or not to remove a tree is that it can be part of a natural recycling process. Read More 

Knowing When To Call An Arborist: Six Signs That Demand Immediate Attention

In most respects, trees are beneficial assets for homeowners; they reduce utility costs, raise the value of your home and provide habitat for wildlife. They even improve your mental and physical health. But trees can also cause serious problems, particularly when they fail. If one of your trees begins shedding branches, or worse, completely collapses, you may be held financially responsible for the damage it causes. Accordingly, it is wise to have your trees inspected regularly by a certified arborist, who can predict the tree's likelihood of failure. Read More