Ways To Remove An Ugly Tree Stump From Your Yard

If you lose a tree due to a storm or disease, you may be able to chop up most of the tree for easy disposal, but you're still faced with the problem of stump removal. Getting rid of tree stumps is difficult because of their size and the fact they are firmly rooted into the ground. Getting the stump out of the ground is hard enough, but then you have to figure out what to do with it. Read More 

Three Peach Tree Varieties That Are Resistant To Brown Rot

Brown rot is a fungal infection that can affect fruit trees and is particularly destructive to peaches. It causes the fruit to rot on the tree prior to ripening, rendering the entire peach crop inedible. If you're thinking of planting peach trees on your property, the easiest way to avoid this disease is to plant a variety of peaches that is resistant to brown rot. Here's a look at some of your best options. Read More