Can De-Icing Salts Hurt Your Trees?

Winter is quickly approaching! If you use de-icing salts on and around your property, you should be aware of the different effects that de-icing salts can have on trees. Knowing what de-icing salts can do to your trees, how to identify damage from de-icing salts and what to do if your tree is poisoned by de-icing salts can help you care for your trees and also your property.  Can de-icing salts hurt your trees? Read More 

Taking Care Of Your Backyard Fruit Tree

Having a tree that produces fruit for you and your family means many good things. First, most fruit trees can last many harvest seasons, making you thousands of pieces of fruit over their lifetimes. Second, you can control exactly what you put on your fruit and in your body. As long as you put in the necessary time, fruit trees offer you sustenance and beauty for your yard. Here are the best methods for taking care of a backyard fruit tree. Read More 

Four Things You Should Know About Encroaching Trees

There are few things as frustrating as a tree that encroaches upon your property line. Trees can be relentless; a tree that is even a dozen feet away from your property line can still drop leaves, hang branches, and spread roots well into your land. But what can you do about it if your neighbor is resistant?  1. You May Have "Shared Ownership" of a Tree If a tree is on your property line -- the trunk is both on your property and your neighbor's -- then you and your neighbor both have ownership of the tree. Read More 

Three Safety Rules To Follow When Using A Stump Grinder

Cutting down one or more trees in your yard can feel satisfying, but you can complete the job in the right way by renting a stump grinder. This machine helps you remove the unsightly stump from your lawn, allowing you to mow over the area in the future. Make no mistake -- working with a stump grinder offers a challenging job for which you must focus on safety. You can drastically increase your likelihood of getting the job done without incident by carefully following these three safety rules. Read More 

Tips For Successfully Removing An Oak Tree Stump With A Stump Grinder

If you are getting ready to remove an oak tree stump on your property using a stump grinder, then it is important to know how to safely grind out the stump using the best technique possible.  Use these tips to help you remove your old oak tree stump in the safest and most expedient manner: Remove Landscaping Materials and Rocks from around the Oak Tree Stump While stump grinders are the fastest and easiest way to remove unwanted oak tree stumps, any rocks or landscaping materials around the base of the stump must be removed before you start to grind. Read More