4 Things To Know About When It Comes To Tree Removal

Tree removal may be a necessary thing at one point either because a tree has died, has a disease, or may potentially cause damage to property. If you feel that a tree on your property or near your property needs removal, here are three things you need to know about it:  Should be Last Resort: When you hire professionals to remove a tree from your property, they are going to request that you choose other tree-saving options because tree removal should be the absolute last resort. Read More 

Transplanting A Tree To A New Home

If you moving to a new home, and you have a sentimental tree on your current property that you are hoping to bring along, you will want to take the necessary steps in transplanting it safely so it continues to grow healthily. There are risks involved when moving a tree, making it important to know when and how to go about the transplanting procedure. Here are some guidelines to follow when moving a tree from one home to another. Read More 

4 Ways To Prune Trees For Landscape Safety

Trees add a lot to the home landscape, both visually and via useful elements, such as shade. Properly maintaining the trees helps ensure that they are a safe addition to the landscape. These tips can keep your home and you safe as you care for these plants. Tip #1: Protect Your Roof Trees with canopies that extend over the roof can pose a danger to shingles, and in some cases, to the roof itself. Read More 

Having A Tree Removed? Use A Log As A Temporary Fire Pit

If you're like most people, you love the beauty that a big lush tree adds to your landscape. However, there are times when trees need to be removed because they pose a threat to buildings during storms, or their roots begin to grow into your sewer or septic system. As sad as losing your tree might make you, you can use some of the logs the workers cut off the tree for various projects around your home. Read More 

Winter Care Tips For Young Trees

It's time to prepare your young trees for the colder weather as fall and winter approaches. High winds, severe cold, and temperature fluctuations can all damage a tree that hasn't been exposed to these conditions before. You can hire a tree service, like B. Haney & Sons, to help you prepare your tress for winter, or you can do it yourself. The following tips can help you make sure your young trees are up to the challenge. Read More