4 Reasons To Have That Tree Stump Removed From Your Yard

If you've recently cut down a tree, you may have a tree stump sitting in your yard. Over time, the tree stump will eventually rot and die, but that takes time. In the meantime, however, there are many consequences that can result from having a stump in your yard. Check out these four reasons you should have that stump removed. 1. It Attracts Pests As the tree stump rots, it becomes a paradise for pests, especially bugs that eat wood. Read More 

3 Steps To Effective Maintenance In A Desert Climate

Living in a desert climate means that the temperatures can come from one extreme to the next. During the summer months, the temperatures will spike, and the surrounding area will be dry and arid. Summer months can also be hard on your yard if you are dealing with a desert climate, as grass can easily dry up and plants can wither away without proper daily care. If you want to take care of your plants during the desert summer effectively, here are some ways to water and care for your yard. Read More 

3 Reasons To Call A Tree Service

It can be difficult to figure out when you need to make the decision to call a tree service to have a tree professionally handled. After all, it's not only a significant financial investment; you're also losing a tree on your property that you may have become attached to. There are several clear reasons to consider hiring a tree service to evaluate the situation, including the following:  1. The Tree is Too Close to Your House Read More 

3 Tips For Dealing With Your Unsightly Tree Removal Waste

When there is a dead tree in your yard, it can be a hazard to you and your property. The first thing that you will do is call a tree service to have it removed. One thing that many homeowners forget is that that is often going to be left with the waste. There are many things you can do with tree removal waste, such as repurposing it as usable material. Read More 

How to Protect and Care for Your Yard’s Trees This Summer

The trees growing in your yard add shade, provide homes for wildlife, and help cool your home during the summer. Summer can be a dangerous time for your trees, as extreme heat and drought can cause stress and even kill them. Keeping your trees protected against disease is also important. Here are some tips to help you keep your trees healthy this summer. Water Your Trees During the heat of summer it is important to make sure you take care of your trees, young and old. Read More